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Exterior Service Offerings

Painting / Staining

If you’ve watched any home makeover shows on television, you’ve heard the importance of curb appeal with regards to your home. By painting/staining the exterior of your home you can really achieve the look you desire. Our crews are trained to make sure your home is taken care of from start to finish. We pressure wash the house, remove any loose or peeling paint, ensure caulking is done properly and apply one to two coats of our top-quality exterior products.

Interior Service Offerings

Room Painting

Whether you’re looking to freshen up a single room, or change the mood of your entire home, Brown Bear Painting can help. We will work with you on color selections to ensure your home looks great! Our crews will perform all the necessary prep work prior the finish coat. The finish coat will be applied with a brush/roll technique and we only use top quality paints on our projects.

Cabinet Painting

It has become ever so popular to paint kitchen cabinets and dramatically update the look of your space. If your taste has changed, or you want to keep up with recent trends, we can help. Our team can take the outdated stained wood cabinets and transform them into something you’ll love even more.

Pressure Washing

Unfortunately, when it comes to your home’s exterior, there is no such thing as maintenance free. If your home has vinyl/aluminum siding, you may notice mildew -or- algae forming (typically on the north side of the home). This area receives natural moisture that doesn’t dry because it’s primarily in the shade. Pressure washing these areas is a great way to keep your house’s appearance looking spectacular. Also included as part of our power washing service is to clean driveways, patios, sidewalks, etc.