Residential Painting

We love painting Grundy homes

  • Whether you are looking to have a single room painted, or redo your entire home, Brown Bear Painting can help! From start to finish, we will make sure you're experience is a great one.

Interior Painting

Whether you’re looking to freshen up a single room, or change the mood of your entire home, Brown Bear Painting can help. We will work with you on color selections to ensure your home looks great! Our crews will perform all the necessary prep work prior the finish coat. The finish coat will be applied with a brush/roll technique and we only use top quality paints on our projects.

Exterior Painting

If you’ve watched any home makeover shows on television, you’ve heard the importance of curb appeal with regards to your home. By painting/staining the exterior of your home you can really achieve the look you desire. Our crews are trained to make sure your home is taken care of from start to finish. We pressure wash the house, remove any loose or peeling paint, ensure caulking is done properly and apply one to two coats of our top-quality exterior products.

Drywall Repair

The key to ensure a paint job turns out great, the prep work is essential. We can take care of as much, or as little prep work as you'd like. Nail pops and cracks are no problem for us. Let us show you how great we can make your home look!

Cabinet Painting

It has become ever so popular to paint kitchen cabinets and dramatically update the look of your space. If your taste has changed, or you want to keep up with recent trends, we can help. Our team can take the outdated stained wood cabinets and transform them into something you’ll love even more. The process of painting kitchen cabinets is very important. Below are the steps our team takes to ensure they are done right and will last.
1. Remove and Label Doors and Drawer Faces. These will be taken to our shop to be prepped (more on this in a moment) and sprayed to give a great finished look.
2. Clean, De-gloss/Sand, Caulk Gaps & Holes in the Cabinet Boxes. The doors and drawer faces will receive the same care prior to the prime coat.
3. Prime Doors, Drawer Faces, and Box Faces with a coat of oil-based primer to ensure proper adhesion, as well as prevent tannins in the wood from bleeding through.
4. Apply multiple finish coats (depending on the color chosen) after allowing adequate dry time. A light sand will be done between coats to ensure your project looks amazing.
5. Reinstall Doors & Drawer Faces and attach handles & hardware once completed and fully cured. If you wish to change out the handles, our team can fill any previous holes and drill new ones as well!

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